The USS Lexington

The USS Lexington is a retired war ship stationed in the bay of Corpus Christi. This is a regularly toured ship by my son and I since he was around 3 years old. The USS Lexington was first commissioned in 1943 and retired in 1991. It has been restored for tours, guided or self-guided since 1992.


Some fun facts about the USS Lexington:

  • The USS Lexington is as tall as a 19 story building and as long as three New York City blocks.
  • You could park more than 1,000 automobiles on its flight deck.
  • It has more telephones than a city of 5,000.
  • It has crossed the equator 13 times.
  • It was the first carrier to deploy air-to-surface missiles.
  • It has sailed enough miles to circle the globe eight times.
  • It has more sleeping spaces than Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.
  • It was the first carrier to establish a seagoing high school.
  • It can produce enough electricity to power a city of 150,000.
  • It was the first ship in U.S. Navy history to have women aboard as crewmembers.
  • The behemoth actually floats.

The top of the USS Lexington displays various fighter jets. Some you can even sit in.


The best part of touring is the interactive parts of the USS Lexington. You can sit in the captains chair. You can flip switches and turn knobs throughout. You can lay down on a crew members bunk. The entire ship is restored to educate while entertaining. The stairwells are narrow and possibly made for short people. You must watch your step and your head. There was even escalators on the ship.


Interaction in action…


oct 1 (20)


Today the USS Lexington can be used for overnight camping trips for one or two nights. Due to the amount of ghost stories and somewhat creepy areas of the ship, we have opted to not take part of the overnight stays. There are plenty of ghost stories to ensure no sleep will be had. This is a must see Texas landmark for people of all ages. It is historical, fun, and you always learn something new when visiting.

oct 1 (7)

USS Lexington: Fun Facts

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